​Be the CyberSecurity hero for your clients.

Our robust solution tackles "zero-day" ransomware and malware threats that are brand new, as well as known threats. MSPs and IT departments can trust CATCyberSecurity to provide comprehensive data security that eliminates risk and meets your clients' compliance requirements.

CAT's solution runs behind the scenes with zero downtime for your clients.

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It's Not Complicated.

Integrating CATCyberSecurity solutions into your business allows you to expand your services with minimal work on your part. We’ll take care of everything behind the scenes to ensure your clients are satisfied with their cybersecurity solution. With CATCyberSecurity, you can effectively protect your clients, regardless of size.

Through our network of Channel Partners, CAT works with MSPs and IT service providers who need to deliver best-in-class security solutions for their SMB clients as part of a broader IT services strategy. This approach uniquely enables CAT to protect SMBs at scale by providing a true cybersecurity team tailored to their unique needs—all at a fraction of the insourcing cost.  


Managed Service Providers (MSP/MSSP) 
IT Consultants / vCISOs  
Incident Response Firms  
Assessment Firms 
Service / Solution Providers 

Provide your clients with comprehensive reports, validating the excellence of your cybersecurity services powered by CATCyberSecurity.

Empower your clients and their employees / users with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions through CATCyberSecurity. With SOC and SIEM seamlessly integrated, our services offer 24/7 monitoring and immediate remediation to ensure robust protection. CATCyberSecurity works tirelessly behind the scenes, guaranteeing your clients' satisfaction with their cybersecurity posture. Trust CATCyberSecurity to safeguard all client devices and endpoints efficiently.

And as an added bonus, CATCyberSecurity includes FREE Cybersecurity Awareness training for all users and employees, enhancing their understanding and vigilance against cyber threats.

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About us

CATCyberSecurity is dedicated to providing comprehensive cybersecurity protection to small and medium-sized businesses 24/7, 365 days a year.

Located in the US, we prioritize the security of our clients' sensitive data and confidential information, ensuring peace of mind in an increasingly digital world.

Concept of cyber protection in the online world.

Businesses of All Sizes will Benefit from CATCyberSecurity and so will you.