CATCyberSecurity Training on Autopilot

is designed to be your organization’s invisible shield against cyber threats. Here’s how it works:

  1. Automated Vigilance: Our system constantly monitors for vulnerabilities, suspicious activity, and emerging risks. It’s like having a cybersecurity expert on duty 24/7.
  2. Tailored Learning: Employees receive personalized training based on their roles and responsibilities. No need to set anything up—our algorithms adapt to your team’s needs.
  3. Phishing Defense: Our automated email phishing simulations keep your staff sharp. They’ll recognize and thwart phishing attempts effortlessly.
  4. Incident Response Ready (IRR): In the unlikely event of an incident, our training ensures your team knows exactly what to do. No panic, just swift action.

So yes, CATCyberSecurity Proactive CyberSecurity Training on Autopilot works—it’s your secret weapon in the battle against digital threats!

What does CATCyberSecurity on Autopilot Training?

User / Employee List

CATCyberSecurity works with you to authorize testing, whitelist, and gather a user list.

Testing and Training

CATCyberSecurity delivers phishing tests based on modern tactics, and provides short, relevant, and entertaining training videos.

Reporting and Feedback

Results are securely delivered and provide contextual feedback on results and trends.

Autopilot Training includes phishing testing, training material, and campaigns that are set up and automatically ran for you.  That's right.  No picking templates, no scheduling campaigns or using employee resources.  CATCyberSecurity has you covered.

Email Phishing Training on Autopilot

CATCyberSecurity saves you time and resources by delivering an end to end training experience to your employees.

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